Our Story

Our Story

Our story begins on January 12th, 2010. In North America, most of us were easing into the New Year when the Haiti earthquake hit. What would have been a relatively minor 7.0 quake for us left the impoverished tiny Caribbean country devastated. Advance teams were needed immediately to assess the scale of the disaster and ensure relief and aid were properly mobilized. Sea Change’s founder Tom Griggs’ emergency management training, experience in the 92 LA Riots, and 94 Northridge earthquake led him to volunteer to help his Church respond.

During these and other disasters, we saw first hand how large organizations, governments, and NGO’s were relatively ineffective in understanding, and meeting individual needs compared to the local grass-root leaders. Once these disasters faded from the headlines, so did the relief and aid. However, the local leaders on the ground before these disasters, remain there providing long-term sustained, life-changing relief and care. And they typically do it with no media attention and very little support.

We realize that in addition to corruption, a large part of what is broken about typical relief and aid efforts is the bureaucracy. The process heavy layers impede action, siphon off attention, money, and do little to address individual’s needs. A Sea Change is needed in the way we approach and support these causes. Sea Change was founded to create attention, equip local leaders, and provide direct support to local causes around the world.

Sea Change was founded to be the first surf brand 100% dedicated to creating attention, equipping local leaders, and providing direct support to local and global causes, and in the process raise up a new generation of generosity grounded in the understanding that each person’s needs matter, and that we have a responsibility to one another.

A Sea Change is created one drop, and one individual at a time.


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